Insides into our work: the art society Collectors Club Berlin

As an art society and creative network we promote the exchange between collectors, young art enthusiasts, gallery owners and artists in favor of a higher awareness of relevant art.

In salons, studio talks, gallery exhibitions, conferences, fairs and publications we continually accompany collectors and their subjects, connect people in conversation and discover their work together through meetings with art-makers. Free and independent.

It is becoming clear again and again that collectors have only a small knowledge of the gallery business, perplexed by the always new trends on the art market and that they feel grateful for the compulsive approach to works of art.

An important part of our work is to attend the support of artists by collectors. We also advise artists both juridically as well as in terms of galleries, press work, art insurance, auctions, etc.

If collectors are convinced of the respective artistic position and trust our reputation, the circles close. Our focus is on the interests and questions of collectors and young people interested - passion and appreciation are our basic content.

Participation in the personal stringency of becoming an artist leads to a lively dialogue with art and ourselves.

Collections and Expositions

We find and offer works of art from the 20th / 21st century, present works from private ownership or organize collection sales.

For all questions on provenance research, catalog raisonné and estate regulations (inheritance), please contact:

As a "prerequisite for further development" the exposition is described.

At this point, when the work comes into the public show, the artist has, at best, but also - noticeably - not always already done a de-wiring process to his work. With respect, we should accept his offer of opening up and possibility to enrich. For only in this way we find orientation in the space of ideas in art to let our feelings be decided and not straightened-hectic according to the market value. The careful movement of the gaze connects quite different perceptions, also beyond the visible.

Artists can steer our perspectives and bring themes from the dead corner (blind spot). And, more importantly, they have the ability to win us an acceptance of darkness, of hidden elements, of abstracted intuition. Only then do we notice how we are permeated by the claim of all-encompassing knowledge, perfectionism, the rapid use of information and the well-being and pain of our permanent accessibility.

Art is intimate, honest and moving. This is their value - and their perceptible permanence. Whoever succeeds in being invited to the studio of a serious artist is confronted with a sovereignty and a respect for his own work, as they are nowhere else to be found. Here there is another world, an undisturbed space of truthfulness: will, courage, concentration, skill, fallibility, motivation, creativity flow, implementation.

How the artist got there? For many years, he used every day to perfect his craft, to get to know his self in the world and finally to achieve moments of breakthrough - the sacred-euphoric moment when the canvas speaks when the brush and the whole world has become imperceptible, when the translation to the painting ground succeeds in the state of flow. "The feeling of being lost begins rather when you return to the" normal "everyday world, because there is so much distraction from real life," says the painter Matthias Moseke in the reverberation of a creative process.